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Investment Tips- Best diamond jewellery you should buy this season!

Time and again it has been said that diamonds are every girl’s first desire and there is no denying in the truth. Most women really and truly love diamonds which are classic and always in style. They can be worn with everything from LBD or wedding gown to ripped-up denim. If you are also looking…

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Have a look if you are planning to invest in Gold- Facts and Figures!

Everyone is aware of the falling rates of gold in India. The gold prices are hovering around Rs. 26,000 per 10 gm, the lowest in over four months. The catalyst for the fall has been the recent easing of some import restrictions by the Reserve Bank of India. Also, traders anticipate a further fall in…

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Ignore the ever increasing prices of diamonds; you can still buy them!

Diamonds are girls’ best friend and there is no arguing over the same, however, now with the ever increasing price of the sparkler, it might not to be that affordable for many, as the price is going sky high, due to which many customers may stay away from buying the sparklers, or they might wait…

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