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Types of Indian Jewellery & Gemstones!

Indians are better renowned for their irresistible attraction towards precious metals. Interestingly they don’t keep gold and silver in bank lockers but love to show off them as jewellery particulars beautifying their physical appearances. The jewellery craft is not a new found tradition among Indians but can be found in ancient India also even they…

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Jewellery Trends 2016: Let your style do the talking!

The fashion-conscious ladies really like to keep a tab on the latest trends and surprise the onlookers each time they doll up. As the winter season is all set to bid adieu soon, so it’s time that you update yourself with the trends which are going to be all over this spring. The pastel colours…

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7 Smart Ideas To Design A Breathtaking Handmade Jewellery

If you love to redefine fashion instead wearing other’s creation, you are not alone. There are countless sticking with their own choices making new trends. Many artisans are there to assist you in creating handmade jewellery according to your ideal thoughts. Handmade jewellery can follow any design pattern depending on your mental image, it requires…

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Handmade vs. Machine-Made Jewellery: How To Choose The Best?

When you are looking for an adorable and unique gift to give someone, nothing can be better than personalized handmade jewellery. The brilliant thought introduced the concept of personalized jewellery to the fashion world. However handmade jewellery is an old tradition commenced by the early craftsmen, modern day designers added trend to give it your…

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