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Easy ways to choose the right jewellery for your floral dress!

The floral trend has been ruling summer season since ages now and there is just no ending to it. Continuing from previous years, the floral patterns will be a rage this time too and everything from printed pants, shorts, skirts, dresses will have a flower on it. During summer, colors and patterns with bright, bold…

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Want to know why Rajasthani Jewellery is so popular around the world?

Apart from historical destinations, heritage circles, delicious food and royal style of dressing, one the biggest state of India – Rajasthan is well known for its marvelous and beautiful jewellery. Though we are in the twentieth century and have introduced heavy technology and modernization in craftsmanship, the place is a jewellery hub for hand cutting…

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Accessorize your look going by the theme of your dress!

Summer is stepping closer and the cool dresses are finding their way out from the wardrobe. Attires like Little Black Dress, Jumpsuits, short dresses with long sleeves and floral patterned outfits will be trending in the time of few weeks. With them you can dazzle everywhere, from party to work. And with ideal jewelry you…

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