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Pearl Gemstone Gold Jewellery: the latest trend of jewellery market!

Gone are the days when jewellery was associated with just adornments and symbolized social status. Jewellery which exists since the time of civilization has unquestionably undergone many changes and transformation in terms of its usage, symbolic and actual use and designs. Brides of 60’s and 70’s were always spotted clad in heaviest jewellery according to…

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Types of Indian Jewellery & Gemstones!

Indians are better renowned for their irresistible attraction towards precious metals. Interestingly they don’t keep gold and silver in bank lockers but love to show off them as jewellery particulars beautifying their physical appearances. The jewellery craft is not a new found tradition among Indians but can be found in ancient India also even they…

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5 Exotic Filigree Jewellery Trends to Flaunt this Summer!

Beat the heat of this summer with some trendy and exotic filigree jewellery. The simple yet elegant designs of this stylish jewellery make you stand out of the crowd. The best part of filigree jewelry is that it looks fragile at the very first glance but in reality it is quite robust and durable. This…

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