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Latest top five trends in Indian Bridal Jewellery

In India, a marriage is a celebration for all. It is a reason to show off your family values, traditions, heritage as well as your social status. Just look an Indian bride or groom, they are known to wear the most expensive bridal dresses for the occasion in the world. Definitely there dresses include heavy…

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How to get killer party look with worthy outfit & jewellery!

We totally understand your love for party, and also the tough time you face while dressing up for these events. Often it happens that even though you’re wearing a killer dress but you still fail to work up the look perfectly as you fall short in other aspect of dolling up. Your job is not…

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April Birthstone Diamond: For eternal love and everlasting happiness!

She who from April dates her years, diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears. For vain repentance flow,” said a great writer in honour of the people who are born in April month and gets the precious stone of the earth, Diamond, as their birthstone or natal stone. Feeling how lucky you April born babies are?…

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Know all about the stylish jewellery and fashion trends for this season!

Fashion and jewellery go hand-in-hand. These two are the most important aspects that alter women’s personality and boost her confidence to a whole new level. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood female star, in the whole 2015, actress and celebrities were seen downsizing for respective events and parties with trendy yet fashionable jewelries like chunky chains,…

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Office Fashion: Find the style tips for appropriate jewellery!

Every women desire to be a style diva, and you would all agree that dreaming to be one is not a crime, after all fashion and lady goes synonymous. In fact we’re born with this formidable streak for fashion. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how trendy you are, still one fails to carry an office…

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