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When you crave for statement jewellery – Johareez delivers it to you!

Shakespeare said ‘what’s in a name’, but don’t you think sometimes only a name is enough to grab your attention? Isn’t it goes same when you hear Johareez? Yes, Johareez is one fortunate jewellery brand that has been leading with pride with a loyal customer chain and an acclaimed reputation in India’s leading online jewellery…

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Ethnic Earrings – get inspired with these traditional designs!

Earrings are clearly the most glamorous way to accentuate an outfit, and when it comes to ethnic attire it is totally incomplete without a trendy pair of traditional earrings. In this fashion-conscious world, every woman loves to doll up before heading for an event, however, few don’t understand the importance of perfect jewelry and this…

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Popular types of designer earrings to wear stunning look!

Earrings ornament your face infusing an additional spark of glamorized beauty. It’s an essential for every girl when it comes to complete the jewellery wardrobe. Every day we see girls wearing stylish, unconventional designs in their ears. However, many of them don’t know that which type of earrings will suit them most. Studs   Studs…

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Katy Perry Showstopper Statement Earrings

“I have multipersonality disorder- in a very good way, of course-when it comes to my fashion choices”– as quoted by Katy Perry Katy Perry never shies away from experimenting when it comes to fashion. Whether she is colouring her hair neon or flaunting a retro thrill, she’s all the time eye candy—and for good. The…

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