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How to rock your ethnic style without spending too much on jewellery!

Whether you believe it or not but price plays a major role when you decide to buy jewellery. And at that particular time when we end up spending all the money on clothes and shoes it becomes difficult to manage finance and buy highly-tagged jewelry to complete the special look. Being a fashionista you feel…

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Garnet – january birthstone for good luck, success and positive energy!

The deep red colored garnet regarded as January birthstone is known to bring luck, money, success in business, love and security in the life. It is considered as the stone of Mars planet also giving self-confidence and courage to face hurdles in life. The stone is considered as the wonderful gemstone giving a red stroke…

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Differences between zircon and cubic zirconia gemstones

Zircon the oldest gemstone is the brightest gemstones in the world only second to diamond. Its popular name Zircon resembles with man-made crystal Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ) confusing stone buyers. Both are good diamond simulate (or imitated) stones and are used to substitute diamonds. Only few know that both stones are two distinct…

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