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Celebrate any occasion wearing vintage jewellery and bring on the classy look!

Whenever we hear Vintage jewellery, something classy and imperial pops out from our mind and we begin admiring the trend which is so pleasing and extra ordinary. We just love the sense of history they convey. In fact, vintage jewellery is said to be something that every diva have to keep in her jewellery wardrobe…

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Let your Silvantra jewellery do all the talking and make buzz around you!

The blend of Silver and Marcasite in accessories is beautiful and captivating as it brings out a new person every time you wear them. No matter what type of attire you are wearing, Marcasite jewellery will compliment most of them. It looks fresh, fashionable and flawlessly stunning. Silvantra is a leading fashion accessory brand that…

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Learn the art to handle negativity with Smoky Quartz!

Wouldn’t you like to flaunt glamorous look with trend-right jewellery and also heal yourself through it. It is well-known fact that every gemstone has healing properties to it, and by donning them you can lead a high-on fashion as well as peaceful life at the same time. Smoky Quartz is sure a choice of trend-conscious…

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Beaded Bangles: Go for this colorful trend and make a statement this season!

It’s always difficult for a girl to not have a look at the fashion trends, of course, unless you’re living in a fashion void. Speaking of trends, the bangle bracelets are going to be quite a look in coming season. Going by the fact, they offer variety, so this way you can leave an impression…

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