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Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: Colors which will perk you up in a go!

As the cold winds are mellowing down, the summer fashion is also finding its way out. While in winters, layering was the call, in summers it is all about taking it easy, and playing with colors and floral patterns. Fall was all about colors like oxblood, gold, orange, plum, teal, rose, and brown, however, it…

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Untold story of popular diamonds found in different corners of the world!

A lady can never be worried of not finding true love in life, as she knows it lies in diamonds. No man can give her the kind of happiness she feels upon looking at the sparklers. But are you really sure that you know all about diamonds? Do you know that there are diamond stones…

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Stop worrying about tomorrow and make your present beautiful!

In the fast-paced world, it is getting difficult day-by-day to lead a happy and peaceful life. In fact, most people are just busy fulfilling their duties and doing the tasks they have been assigned, trying their best to get them done, without actually enjoying them. There is so much of worry about tomorrow that people…

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Colors Trends for Spring/Summer 2014: Pick the jewelry in these trendy hues!

The Spring/Summer 2014 is going to be all about colors, at least in fashion trends, whether it comes to clothes, accessories, or make up, you will comes across various vibrant hues, which you will instantly fall in love with. Going by the Pantone search, besides radiant orchid being the color of the year 2014, other…

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