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Accessories that a true fashionista must own in her wardrobe!

Be it winter, spring or summer, a true fashionista is one who never compromises with her style owing climatic changes. She knows how to keep the style quotient up and project herself best at every occasion and in every season. If you are from those than you know there are some clothing items that every…

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Shine all the way in monsoon season with minimalist jewellery trend!

Monsoon is on its way and we are all set to welcome the breezy-fizzy weather bringing out all necessary items back from our wardrobe. From colorful raincoats and umbrellas to waterproof makeup and accessories, we have short listed those chic items that push our femininity to next level and will keep our style statement as…

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Celebrate any occasion wearing vintage jewellery and bring on the classy look!

Whenever we hear Vintage jewellery, something classy and imperial pops out from our mind and we begin admiring the trend which is so pleasing and extra ordinary. We just love the sense of history they convey. In fact, vintage jewellery is said to be something that every diva have to keep in her jewellery wardrobe…

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