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Go white this summer with trendy and elegant jewellery!

Which girl doesn’t love the idea of fresh and bright look throughout the summer? But it’s only after choosing the right color of dress, accurate accessory, simple yet trendy hairdo and footwear. First, talking about the colors, we have names like celosia orange, placid blue, freesia, cayenne and hemlocks, which are hot in vogue but…

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Layering bracelets: Make your hands look gorgeous adapting this style!

Being in sync with latest trends is first priority of every female. As it is the first month of New Year, you must be busy rearranging your wardrobe, and must be looking forward to welcome new clothes and accessories in it. And we’re quite sure that by now you would have fully utilized the off…

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What accessories to wear with your short shorts this summer!

Summer is up with full swing, so are we with our cool and shortest dresses, sunglasses, skin-friendly accessories and flat footwear. Denim shorts and short shorts are summer’s favorite and with them we never feel stereotyped. They come in various lengths and styles, and we all love the fact that they could be worn almost…

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Classy ways to accentuate your polka dots dress!

The funda with fashion is what goes around comes around. As we have already came across few vintage styles like crop tops, upper-waist jeans making comeback, now is the time for polka dots, which are back in a huge way. Fashionistas are making all efforts to track their kind of polka dot dresses and gaining…

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