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Choose perfect Jewellery according to your skin complexion!

You prefer jewellery according to your face shape, occasion and outfit than why not consider your skin complexion before buying any accessory? Yeah, it is indeed a great idea that will accentuate your features and beauty. You just need to remember that certain colors don’t compliment particular skin tones. It’s all part of our beautiful…

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Keep the outfit simple but still be glamorous by adding chic jewellery to it!

It goes without saying that accessories have huge impact on an outfit and can instantly glam you up. It could be any accessory of your choice to make the change, whether chunky, colorful, or statement jewellery pieces. When it comes to fashion, the old adage “Less is more” is usually followed by some, mostly those…

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Embrace fun spring style with bold and beautiful statement necklaces!

We don’t need to elaborate what statement jewellery is, the bold and beautiful accessory was everywhere last season and are getting big and bigger than ever before for spring season. In fact it’s not only the weather that’s getting warmer, but it’s the accurate time to wrap up winter looks and embrace fun spring styles….

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