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How to rock your ethnic style without spending too much on jewellery!

Whether you believe it or not but price plays a major role when you decide to buy jewellery. And at that particular time when we end up spending all the money on clothes and shoes it becomes difficult to manage finance and buy highly-tagged jewelry to complete the special look. Being a fashionista you feel…

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Online jewellery shopping has grown exponentially!

WWW has been a revolutionary transformation in information exchange, management and security. The next was obviously shopping which came with goods and services and is better known as E-commerce in is technical language. Online shopping is also known by web shopping, web store, e-shop, e-store and the process is called B to c (business to…

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Exhibitions & jewellery show’s are great platform for jewellers!

These days it is a general trend to organize various trade fares and show’s to promote budding organizations in various industrial fields and jewellery is also one of the industries. Government and other liable institutions are keen to increase the number of such events and activities being organized at various levels like state, national and…

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Benefits of silver & silver jewellery!

With the skyrocketing process of gold and sinking value of rupees against dollar, the position and abilities of gold buyers is getting deteriorated and definitely gold is not glittering anymore and many other options and substitute of this yellow metal are replacing it. Keeping the outstanding boost in gold rates, investors for once might have…

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Shopping gold, silver & diamond jewellery online with hefty discounts!

In the fast world of todays, online shopping has come up as the most convenient medium for the shopping lovers. Today people can select their stuff easily via net surfing and place an order there itself. The tool is appreciated by everyone as in these busy days rare do people get the time to visit…

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Jewellery has the power and can speak louder than words!

Jewellery pieces have bejewelled women’s necklines, ears, forehead, wrists, waists and feet for years. Earlier, women used to buy jewellery for weddings and grand occasions. Today, their closet has jewellery for every little celebration. And still, that is not enough! – says the pretty-pies. Nowadays, the female species are attentive of their style and appearance….

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