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Black Onyx – The Mystical Gemstone!

Nobody can deny spell binding magic of fabulous black onyx gemstone displaying striking parallel bands of black and white. The stone is admired for its spiritual and healing properties which enable the wearer to connect with higher consciousness. Black Onyx – The Basics   Black onyx stone belongs to chalcedony mineral thus it contains all…

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Fashion Trend – get a glamorous look with black and white jewellery!

Wow new year is on the way. Talking about colors, we say black and white is quite a trend and it can be seen everywhere on the runways as well. Color blocking is everywhere and it effectively makes for a striking look, which you just can’t fail to notice. Not only in clothes, but in…

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11 Variations Of Black Gemstones & Jewels: A Brief

Black is preferred by the most of the jewellery designers. It adds an additional glamour to the design, especially when matched with light backgrounds or soft dark colours like bottle green, maroon, etc. Perhaps this is the reason, people want to buy black stones to adorn their jewellery, charm pendant or magical amulets. Here is…

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