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Revamp yourself with Diamblu jewellery that brings out real beauty in you!

Wherever we go, whatever we do, one thing that we love to carry with us all the time is our culture and traditions. Diamblu is a poplar jewellery brand that offers true colors of tradition as well as life, all in ethnic style. It celebrates royalty and love with genuine metals and gemstones jewellery. The…

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How to know your birthstone?

Gemstones are not just subject to ornament your look but they are a boon to attract good luck and prosperity. Jewels are regarded also for their connection to divinity in almost all cultures regardless its ages, race or ethnicity. Right from ancient Greek Romans to new age energy healers have been using stones to modify…

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Sense a divine power in yourself wearing stunning July Birthstone Ruby!

Health and wealth are the two most important necessities of life. We do hard work, over-time, double shifts and every possible thing to keep our livelihood up, but sometime it seems like everything is vain and nothing is coming positive to our way. If you somewhere in life have experienced the same situations, it is…

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Red Gemstones To Ornament Your Jewellery

Many of you have heard… “Roses are red, violets are blue…” You have tried to remember and sing this beautiful poem also however these lines are contradictory with standards of gemstone industry. Here little birds sing, stones are red… stones are blue… but did you know how many stones are truly red? If not, let’s…

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Learn the art to handle negativity with Smoky Quartz!

Wouldn’t you like to flaunt glamorous look with trend-right jewellery and also heal yourself through it. It is well-known fact that every gemstone has healing properties to it, and by donning them you can lead a high-on fashion as well as peaceful life at the same time. Smoky Quartz is sure a choice of trend-conscious…

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Can Gemstones Really Change Your Life? See Answer

The human race has always been at the phase of intrigue and this bug has smitten the humankind and has fostered it to grow constantly and abruptly. Human beings are always on their toes when it comes to forecasting. The future has always fascinated the human race and there are lots of research and debacle…

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