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Aquamarine – The March Birthstone & Symbol of Love, Happiness & Victory

Aquamarine a delicate gift to human kind by Mother Nature is a stone with water’s fluidity in its characteristics and cleverly merges into any wardrobe alike water takes shape of the container after pouring it. The cool sea blue gem is recognized for its versatile beauty and elegance which it maintains and flaunts off in…

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February Birthstone: Amethyst that brings to you love and wisdom!

It has something that mesmerizes our soul, it has that ultra sheen that attracts our mind too, and it is Amethyst gemstone, which is considered to be the birth stone for those who are born in February, the love month of the year not because it counts Valentine’s Day, red roses and candy hearts but…

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Invite good fortune with birthstone jewellery which is much in vogue nowdays!

In today’s world fashion-conscious world, won’t it be great if you could remain up-to-date with trends as well as welcome good luck and good fortune at the same time. That’s when birthstone jewellery enters into the picture. Through birthstone jewellery, the wearers get to reflect their personality, with a variety of fresh gemstones. If you…

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Do you really know everything about your jewellery pieces?

You can win a woman’s heart in no time by presenting her a perfect piece of jewelry. Isn’t it something you must have heard of hundred times already? Well, we’re sure you have. Also most women would think that they can have a PhD when it comes to jewelry, or their love for it. But…

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