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Sophisticated Diamoure jewelry for those who like to create their own style statement!

Beauty is in the heart and a woman’s heart always crave for jewelry. When everything fails to revamp her soul and mind, it is jewelry that comes as a great booster. Of course it works instantly and effortlessly. Do you know a single woman who hates jewellery? If talking about the general category jewellery always…

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Amethyst Gemstone: A Gemstone with Spiritual Healing Powers

Jewellery, birthstones and gemstones are interconnected. Whereas jewellery is all about adornment and beautification, birthstones made jewellery also has additional aspect of mending mess ups of the sufferer besides the beautification. Gemstones are common, be it any kind of jewellery of birthstone, gemstones are the essential factor for both. The classification of gemstones according to…

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