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Hoop Earrings: They will lend you with high-on fashion look!

It’s time to score those extra brownie points this summer by opting for the earrings of the season. Yes, the call is to go hoop way this year, to attain that perfect look at every occasion. Well, this must have left you thinking that hoop earrings make for quite a boring accessory, and it is…

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Raani Haar: Great influence on big fat Indian Weddings!

From magnificent decorations to variety in food, high-beat music to high-octane dance, Indian weddings are well known for its glorious celebrations. And it would be wrong if we forget to add the importance of jewellery in an Indian wedding. It is, was, and will always be the highlight of the wedding. Not only for the…

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Let your husband be hale and hearty forever- wear the precious jewel Mangalsutra!

As per the Hindu religion there are five signs of marital status of women. They are Toe rings, Kumkum, Bangles, Nose ring and Mangalsutra, which is the most important among them. It is said that the worthiest jewel any Hindu woman could have is a Mangalsutra. The word is derived from Sanskrit words- Mangal that…

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Jewellery that adds oomph factor to your favorite celebrity!

Who doesn’t want to look like their favorite Bollywood celebrity? Of course we admire them for their acting talent and onscreen presence, but what interest us more is their offscreen ultra cool and glamorous avatars. We love to follow them whole year and do makes changes in our closet from winter to spring to summer….

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Wedding season is here already, so let’s pick the right jewellery for you!

Every girl desires to look her best at her wedding day and we’re sure that you are no different and dreams to have all eyeballs towards you. However, picking up the right bridal jewellery is definitely not an easy task as one spends a lot of money on it; hence it is quite necessary that…

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