Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: Colors which will perk you up in a go!

As the cold winds are mellowing down, the summer fashion is also finding its way out. While in winters, layering was the call, in summers it is all about taking it easy, and playing with colors and floral patterns. Fall was all about colors like oxblood, gold, orange, plum, teal, rose, and brown, however, it would be entirely different in spring/summer 2016. Warm, cool and neutral tones would be the call, and hues like pink, yellow, red, orange, green, white, blue, purple, brown, and others will be ruling. Every color has a meaning and this year, fashionistas are looking for a state of considerate, poignant and arty balance.

This season all is not about fashion and trends, but about meaning. So, it won’t be wrong to say that you are the colors you choose. Every color says something about you, even though you may not even realize. And now that you know the color trends for the summer, so you must know what each color signifies, and then you can have your pick on everyday basis as per the mood you are in. It’s time to decode the true meaning of colors of this season.


Red - Excitement & Passion (Source: g03.a.alicdn.com)

Red – Excitement & Passion (Source: g03.a.alicdn.com)


World’s famous designer Coco Chanel said “What in doubt, go red!”, which is indeed true, as with this color you would never fail to grab attention. It is a symbol of excitement, energy, passion, as well as war, violence and danger.


Pink - Romance & Happiness (Source: nationtrendz.com)

Pink – Romance & Happiness (Source: nationtrendz.com)


This is undoubtedly every girl’s favorite color and it is related with romance and happiness. As it is a calming color, so you can avoid wearing on the day when you must be full of energy. Going with its association with romance, this is the best color a girl can wear on first date.


Orange - Energy & Balance (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Orange – Energy & Balance (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)


It symbolizes energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth and vibrancy, hence, like red, it again attracts attention as well as energy. So if you are in bad mood, you must wear this hue as it will put you in upbeat and lively mood.


Yellow - Intelligence & Inspiration (Source: aliexpress.com)

Yellow – Intelligence & Inspiration (Source: aliexpress.com)


Feeling down? Then wear yellow as it will immediately cheer you up. It is about optimism, energy, intelligence and inspiration, hence sporting this color on your exam day can help you come up with great answers.


Green - Nature & Health (Source: g01.a.alicdn.com)

Green – Nature & Health (Source: g01.a.alicdn.com)


With it being calm and soothing, it is the most popular color for spring. It is associated with nature, health, renewal, youth, vigor, hence even by looking at it, you can reduce stress and feel relaxed.

It’s time you center your clothing, accessories, jewellery among these colors and feel blissful!

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