Style generously with barely there accessories which is hot of the season!

Bored watching dainty, big and statement accessories everywhere these days? Well, if small and decent styling is your call and you feel a bit over done in a big cuff or a chunky pair of earrings, then there is great news for you. You can start small, and gain momentum, layering up gradually at the same time as maintaining a delicate and feminine look. After less is more trend, the fashion industry has a new term ‘Barely There’, which is all about mixing and matching daintier pieces as opposed to going for one bold piece. There is no doubt that statement jewellery had its wonderful time but it’s over now and letting those small and elegant pieces to make their way back. From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood divas, there is a huge lift seen in the popularity of Barely There accessories among all fashionistas. They are seen in trendy accessories like small chained necklace or pendant, stacking delicate rings, small and medium size studs and in array of feminine bracelets.

You can get those ladylike looks with just the right amount of shine by adoring a few rings plus a delicate pendant to you personality. Luckily, there is no particular rule to follow in this style statement but you can put your best by choosing two three metals altogether. Wearing same metal jewellery has totally gone out of the window, now it’s all about mixing and matching gold with silver and even adding a rose gold or two. If layering two-three necklaces is your choice, then put thin- medium length silver chain with gold chain necklaces bigger than the later. Combining colors will add to the overall vibe because layering isn’t about one item, it’s about the big picture. Don’t hesitate keeping your creativity up, go for mixing up two styles and wear thick and thinly banded rings together. Wear in different fingers and at different points on the fingers.

Let the small and graceful looking studs return to your wardrobe and make you true and trendy diva. This season welcome studs, knots, twists and twirls. When it comes to bracelets and bangles, choose thin and think, bracelets and bangle together. Combining two styles and colors of accessories to your wrist would add lively look. It will boast overall look and let you feel fresh and vivacious in this hot weather. Add anklets to your feet and wear them with short dresses, like rompers, denim shorts and skirts. Wear a lot or less- just don’t forget to be innovative! After all, style is all about being different and unique.

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