Statement Cuffs & Fashion Bracelets: The spice of this season!

Fashion is all about versatility, is a known fact to every fashionista and that’s the reason that every time these ladies comes up with their best look and never fail in appealing the onlookers. There is some enigma about these style divas that they leave all spellbound. No matter what they wear, every of their look comes across as immaculate and leave others wondering about their style mantra. But if you really dig into it, you would realise that their style is all about keeping tabs on latest trends. After all, none can go wrong if they dress and accessorize up according to what’s in the vogue. In the previous posts we have discussed about various trends, and we’re sure that you must be following them and compliments must have already started coming your way. Hence proved that when talking about jewellery trends, you can never go wrong with the information you get here. So, after talking about various style trends this season, this time we’re going to tell you about that piece of jewellery which in itself enough to juice up any of your look. With it, you don’t have to coordinate any other piece of jewellery.

Okay, the jewel is question is indeed cuff bracelets, which has become the favorite accessory trend in past some time. It’s time you get past the boring thin and beaded bracelets as they are the thing of the past and you must welcome the cuffs in your jewellery closet. This is one jewellery trend which is fresh, effortless, discreet, and yet mod. No matter whether you have one in gold, silver, copper, bronze or leather, the cuff style makes for a strong appearance and the fashion conscious people are carrying it nowadays. Also with minimalism being the key this season, hence unembellished accessories are taking over the ostentatious jewels. The smooth solid metal cuffs with no filigrees, engravings have become everyone’s choice.

You can work any of your look with this trend, like a gold cuff would go perfect with your business dress, and same way it can be matched with your party dress as well, while silver cuffs can enhance your casual look and make your everyday attire rather extraordinary. What’s best about cuff bracelets is that when you wear one or two of these, you don’t need to don any other accessory, as they are enough to glam up any outfit. Meanwhile, the cuffs in gold, silver, brass, leather, and with thick and plate like designs are the most popular ones and it is being preferred to wear them on both hands. Also they can be worn both with your western and ethnic attires as designers are coming up with traditional touch cuff bracelets. Find the cuff bracelets in many designs at one of the most trusted online jewellery shopping store Be ready to set a style statement this and every other season with these happening designs, as they would never go out of fashion owing to their minimalist approach. So enjoy the eyeballs and bag compliment for your stylish appearances.

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