Spring fashion 2014: Easy tricks to work up the summer looks!

balenciaga-ss-2014-1Spring is here and we’re sure by now you must have sorted out your closet. This season is all about being laid-back, yet totally fabulous. We’re pretty sure that by the time we reach March, summer will be here with a bang, and everyone must be busy flaunting off fresh fashion trends. All we are going to look forward would be colors and lots of colors. From icy to bold bright ones, we want all the colors in spring season. From fabrics to jewelry, bags, shoes, everything has to look vibrant. Soon there will be days of light spring breezes and make sure that you’re fully prepared for them and ready to take over the world with your stylish avatar.

Here are few ways following which you can make sure that you’re prepared to warmer weather!

1. First of all, clean your closet. Take away all your winter clothes, fold them up and store away safely. At the same time make sure that your clothes are all clean and if there are few untidy ones, don’t forget to send them to drycleaner and pick them up on time. By cleaning them you’ll make sure that the clothes are all ready to be used next season.

2. Coming to jewelry, collect the easy-going ones, which you can rock in summer season. After all it won’t be possible to carry heavy jewelry pieces in this season owing to the humidity which we face and makes it hard for us to sport too-dolled up look. Prefer everything from boho-style jewelry, wrap bracelets, layering necklaces, as they are light-weighted and quite comfortable to carry.

3. Check out the fashion ideas in magazines and take few tips. Find out what would suit your personality and make sure that you welcome the concerned piece, whether of clothing, jewelry or other accessory, in your closet. Multi-strand wrap bracelet makes for fine fashion accessory and at the same time you can have a look at celeb jewelry trends and get an idea.

4. Do add choker necklace, layered necklace, wrap bracelet in your jewelry closet as with them you can glam up any of your outfit in no time. Gold accessory trends have also been seen on runway and it is expected that they’ll be all there this season.

5. This season do apply this trick of accessorizing first and choosing your outfit based on your selected piece of jewelry. It’s indeed a fun way of dressing up.

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