Spice Up Your Wardrobe – How to host a Jewellery Exchange Party

Does your wardrobe look outdated? Or you want to just spice it up adding new stylish accessories to sport a completely new fabulous look in the party. Every girl would like to reply with confirmation saying a big ‘YES’ but do you know how to rediscover your attire without spending money into buying new awesome jewellery.

There are many ways to fulfil your wish to grace your jewellery collection. These ideas are interesting, easy and funny to refresh your mood though swapping your jewellery is the most popular among all.

The idea works on the principle of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You may have some jewellery, you don’t want to wear as well as your friends may have garbage in their attire. Jewellery swap gives you the freedom to replace your old, unwanted article with new one to refresh your collection. You can exchange your jewellery completely free or paying a meager price without affecting your budget schedule. Let’s learn how to give it a try.

Plan a big jewellery exchange party. Swapping your jewellery needs two or more individuals who are ready to interchange their articles temporarily or permanently as per mutual understanding. It’s hard to visiting your friend’s home to display your jewellery and making requests to exchange them with yours. Invite them to your place for participating in the exchange party rituals.

Send Classy Invites. An invitation conveys your thoughts to the receiver. Design a pretty invitation with the content including the details of the occasion, venue and time. You can send them in either paper form (traditions cards) or electronic form (emails & SMS). The languages should be attractive, gentle and minimalistic.

Decorate your place into a jewellery boutique. It becomes necessary to transform your place into a big party hall to receive appreciations from the guests. It helps to make your mood to feel the change with swapped items, meanwhile it allows you to experience the new look by trying new accessories with different outfits.

Set rules for jewellery exchanging. Make a list of rules before exchanging your accessories. These rules can be set by mutual understanding of all the participants. The rules should be black & white to ignore any futuristic dispute among jewellery owners. Don’t forget to include time period of borrowing (if it’s temporary), terms &

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conditions and the vow of honesty.

Keep it Anonymous. It’s not a must for every swapping party but would you like to disclose secrets of your new assortment so the your friends too, definitely not. Keep the party secret even you should not share the idea with your colleagues and family members until you are going to invite them in the swap party.

Categorise the items. Display all jewellery at one place with the name of the owner. Arrange all accessories in different categories such as earrings, nose pins, rings, bangles, etc. THis will ease your work to exchange your jewellery with other partners.

Celebrate the occasion with games, drinks and dinner. Reviving your accessories should be enjoyed with contentment. Cheer it up with your favourite drinks, food and playing party games to leverage it with full happiness.

Give a big thanks to all. Obviously it is impossible to organise a jewellery swapping party without the supports of the participants. Give a big handshake exchanging goodbye to one another.

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