Silver jewellery gets redefined with new age silver mantra, Silvantra!

There are no second thoughts about the unique charm and appeal of silver jewellery. As time is passing, silver is becoming the top choice amongst jewellery lovers. The reasons for this popularity are the vast range of designs, affordability and resilience. There are infinite possibilities along with creativity options being visualized in silver ornaments these days like never before.



At we are constantly inviting new jewellery brands with fresh concepts of silver jewellery that bring unique artistic designs with sophisticated appeal. The Silvantra Collection features Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets & Necklaces set with Marcasite and other fashionable gemstones!

Most men and women wear silver jewellery for the comfort look and feel it provides. Silver jewellery is the first preference for working ladies as it looks chic and trendy and at the same time provides them with satisfaction of being fashionable and classy at the same time.



Many renowned personalities like bollywood actress Ila Arun, novel writer Shobha De, theater artist Tripti Pandey and ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka’ fame Dr. Trupti Jayin are fond of wearing beautiful silver jewellery in their day to day lives.

At any point when there is any financial ambiguity and a threat of higher inflation, most of the precious metals become progressively more popular because of their professed security and standing as strong inflation guards. Same goes with silver as it has gained ultimate importance as a precious metal since the recent economic slowdown. This has helped silver gain more momentum in sales due to its ‘white’ gold look appeal, yet keeping the price points affordable.



Silver jewellery is high on demand with generation Y, or so called ‘Millennials’. Silver consumption is gaining huge market share with India’s young population. Brands like Silvantra present an invaluable opportunity for our young online shoppers to buy and even participate in online auctions on exquisite silver jewellery being offered on

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