Shilpa Shetty’s style mantra to wear mangalsutra as bracelet!

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is a sure shot trend setter when it comes to style and fashion. The lady is well known for her hour glass figure and she has inspired millions of girls all over the globe to envy her body and get in shape.

Well, here we are talking about her latest style statement which is something very unique and traditional at the same time. Mangalsutra is the most scared thing for any Hindu women and it is believed to be an important customary ritual to wear Mangalsutra around neck.



Shilpa is very traditional and modern too and it’s very innovative of her to balance both her ways in such an artistic manner. In spite of wearing the Mangalsutra around neck in a regular fashion like others, Shilpa has devised a stylish way and prefers to wear it as a bracelet in hand.

Bombshell Shilpa Shetty after marrying London based businessman Raj Kundra is not much associated with films now. Most of her time and focus is directed towards her business and she is also sporting that professional look too and hence came the bracelet form of Mangalsutra.

When she was asked about her inspiration to wear Mangalsutra as a bracelet she told that her grandmother used to wear it in the similar fashion and she got inspired by her only.



All the traditional things are coming back in trend with respect to married Indian women. The toe rings, nose pins and Kundals are all set to come back in fashion once again with such innovative and charming ways.

All these ornaments are meant to symbolize a married Hindu lady. Toe rings were in extreme fashion a while back and unmarried girls too accepted this fad with open arms.

One or the other forms of these traditional ornaments as per the convenience of modern Indian lady exemplify the strong traditional roots.



Wearing Kundals is an age old tradition and with all these ornaments coming back in fashion with a twist, there are no second thoughts about Kundals too making a round in the Indian jewellery market. It is a well known fact that what goes around comes around and this fact is truly applicable to jewellery also.

Movies and actresses are believed to set a trend and when actresses like Shilpa Shetty are going the traditional way with a funk then there are higher chances to get a boom in all these ornaments.

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