Set your style apart from the rest with mismatched earrings!

mismatched-earringsStyle is about being unique; to create an aura around you. It is regarding your personal self and revealing yourself through the way you doll up. While fashion changes every season, style is eternal. So reveal your effervescent style with this new trend. Yes, mismatched earrings or say asymmetrical earrings are in rage. Onlookers will be bound to have a look at you closely to notice you have sported two different earrings. This assures attention, which we are quite sure every women loves. We glow in pride whenever someone takes special notice of our clothes or accessories, isn’t it?

As this season is all about flaunting your personal style, so don’t shy away to reveal your unique self with this stunning trend. With mismatches earrings you can effectively make a statement without coming around as showy or overdressed. They will give a subtle edginess to your attire and set you apart from rest of the crowd. Sometimes it happens that we doesn’t really know who originated a particular style, and same can be said about mismatched earrings, as there is no information on who generated this really inexpensive idea. Even though this may not remain forever in trend, but still it is bound to be liked.

Often it happens that we misplace one of our earrings, or drop it accidently. Now with one earring missing, the pair is of no use anymore. But with mismatched earrings, that earring can come in handy as you can pair it up with some other earring. Not only among common people, but mismatched earrings trend is also liked by celebrities in West as well. Celebs Ashanti, Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow have been seen sporting this trend in different ways of their own at various occasions. Some kept it soft and edgy, others went for simple and loud combination, and they all rocked in their own ways.

There are no set rules in wearing this trend, like you can wear a stud on one ear, and dangle earring on the other. Or you can also play with shapes, like heart shape in one and skull shape on the other. Different metals earrings or with different color will also look attractive. Try out different styles and see which actually goes with your personality. This is all about experiment and you may really be surprised with where your imagination actually takes you.

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