Set your new style statement with fine brass jewellery!

Simply known as the alternative to gold, Brass jewellery has been surging in popularity recently. Thanks to its versatility for designs that range from delicate to chunky and vintage to contemporary. Going back in ancient times, the jewellery made of brass is the classic piece of jewellery. It is one of the earliest metals that people had used to make jewellery like necklace, rings, earrings, anklets and bracelets. With bright and shinning colors, the brass jewellery is favored by many people. Its inexpensive quality also hogs the mind of charms lover.

In recent times the brass jewellery is coming out as a great stylist for all type classic or modern people. Not only it looks beautiful but it goes with anything and best part is that it is best choice for people with nickel allergies. Yes, the metal has some healthy benefits attached as many people believe that by wearing brass jewellery, your skin will absorb minerals from the brass and supply the wearer with positive health benefits.

Isn’t it so beneficial? The jewellery designers also appreciate the metal as they find it is easy to work with brass as it is flexible as gold or silver. “What began as easy access and affordability turned into a love affair with the tone and versatility of brass? It can take on so many different looks depending on the oxidation level, and it ages so beautifully” said jewelry designer Emily Bixler.

Talking of fashion prospective, the market of jewellery is flooded with attractive brass ornaments like chunky cuffs bracelets, thick hoop earrings, vintage brass chains and necklaces, rings and anklets among more. Here’s a list of jewelry item made up of brass that will enhance your persona:

Bracelet: The combination of stone and brass in the bracelet feels earthy and the bracelet is as easy to wear with a casual button-down shirt and jeans as it is with a dress and heels or also with any of your traditional attire.

Earring: If you are decking up for night party, a gorgeous piece of brass earrings embedded with American diamond is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments. Plain or designer brass earrings are best choice for the contemporary style.

Necklace: Dress up a tank, wear them to work or out for the night, the funky and fringe brass necklace will give you a versatile and fun look. A vintage brass chain can also look superb around your neck and will also work as a folded bracelet on your wrist.

Pins and Brooches: Complete your look with pins and brooches that are an excellent way to accessories yourself. No matter where you are going, brooches can go with any of your attrite. Make sure you apply it in a stylish way.

Anklet: Don’t let your feet be de-glam. Anklets are there to set the best style in you. Wear it tightly or loose and hanging low, it would definitely add a little dose of femininity to the ankle.

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