Set a statement wearing two-metallic jewellery together!

Gone are the days when mixing two metals was considered a fashion faux pas. In the present days, it would rather be fresh and unique when you come up with something subtle as wearing gold and silver jewellery together. Even the designers are cashing on the trend by coming up with captivating designs mixing in two different metals together, and the most popular remains to be silver, gold and bronze. In fact, you can make a style statement by carrying out this trend first among your group.

Every fashion conscious girl knows that today it is not about being safe, rather come out with something edgy and surprise them all with your imagination, and wearing gold and silver jewelry together will definitely do that for you. So it is better you don’t give much thought before stacking up your gold, silver and bronze bangles together, as we assure that you won’t go wrong. In fact, you better be ready for letting the compliments pouring in once you carry this trend. Though there is no denying that wearing one-metal jewellery provides you with traditional look, but then no harm in carrying the mix-metals trend now and then.

This trend is pocket-friendly as well, as you don’t really have to splurge big time on the precious yellow gold, as the art of mixing in can come in handy. Go for the edgy silver with gold look to grab the attention, and that the same time it won’t be harsh on your pocket. Same as bangles, you can also play with gold-silver trend in other styles as well, like layering up gold and silver necklaces together, or going for earrings which are designed bringing in the different metals together. You don’t have to worry about your clothing while carrying this trend as it will look perfect on most color outfits, whether it is pink, black, white, yellow, orange, green, or any other hue.

Meanwhile, it would be advised that you keep this tip in mind while flaunting this trend. Like while wearing the different metallic jewellery together, team it up with two-toned watch or else two-toned jewelry to make it look more intriguing. Be ready to welcome the compliments in your way once you let this trend enter your closet.

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