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Feb 06

Get perfect Indian look this wedding season with traditional jewellery!


The fashion world is quite fast-paced as the new trends keep on emerging every year; however, if talk about the jewellery world, that moves at a rather sedate pace. Here as well the trends do appear, though the old trends remain very much at place and we don’t get to see much of a shift, …

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Aug 16

India Founds New Love in Diamond Investment

Diamonds never leave you… men do! The ages old quotation has been changed in modern perspective. Of course, there are reasons behind the scene, but uncertainty of the future is the biggest factor to change the Indian traditions. Indians are known to love gold more than anything, however they are in search of new alternate …

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Jun 20

7 Magnificent Pearls, You Would Love To Own

Pearl, a jewel that stands for softness and serenity in the world of gemstones is appreciated for its imperial qualities. Pearl is also the birthstone for the month of June which describes it one of the luckiest stones to treasure forever. But did you know about the most famous pearls in the world? If not, …

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Apr 23

11 Interesting & Unknown Facts About Diamonds

A diamond is forever. No girl can resist its sparkling attraction. Obviously every diamond is a treasure, it serves more purposes also. A diamond glamorizes your beauty, it highlights your social status, it displays your wealth as well as the most magnificent jewel has industrial uses too but not limited to these only. Let’s have …

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Oct 27

5 Extra Ordinary Diamonds Found By Ordinary People

South Africa star diamond

Diamonds are not only female’s best friends but are also dazzling and most desirable jewels across the globe. The beauty of diamonds emits elegance and this is what makes it most popular gem amongst all. We all are aware about the fact that diamonds are precious but ever gave it a thought to the ‘why’ …

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Oct 19

Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery In Demand This Festive Season


Festivities are the times when every business sparks and gets flourished especially jewellery market. Jewellery segment is on its highest bounce during the festive season and gold has always been in demand but this time but due to record breaking price hike, diamond is also rising high in demands. Yes this wedding season, diamond is …

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Sep 22

Golconda: World’s Finest, Largest Diamond to be Sold For Over $15 Million

galconda Diamond

World of Diamonds is the most alluring one in the world of jewels and gemstones. Diamonds are female’s best friend and also have their own dazzle which can never be replaced by any other most precious metal of gemstone. The word ‘Diamond’ is derived from the ancient Greek adámas which means ‘unbreakable’. Carbon is the basic element …

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Aug 29

Branded Gold & “Diamond Jewellery” Is Attracting Indian Shoppers

Branded gold and diamond jewellery is choice of indian shopper

Take a wild guess about the biggest gold consuming of buying country and even though India being the growing country would never click your mind but the fact is shocking and surprising as well. India, without any second thoughts is the biggest gold consuming country. Now not just the local national surveys from various jewellery …

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Jul 02

Indian Jewelry Shoppers: From Retail Stores To Online Websites

Jewellery in India and among Indian women has been a point of pride as well as necessity. To keep up with the evolving generations, even Jewellery market has evolved. Long back there used to be small shops selling jewellery. Then there came the Mughals and other empires that developed the art of Jewellery making in …

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May 12

Indian Silver Jewellery Exports Likely To Go Up By 35% In FY 2013

Indian Silver Jewellery Exports likely To Go Up By 35% In FY 2013

The affordable white metal is back in the market with an impact, owing to price hike of gold item around the globe. The word silver originated from Anglo-Saxon Seolfor or siolfur; meaning ‘silver’, and Latin argentum meaning ‘silver’. Silver: A brief Prior to the 18th Century, silver was found primarily in the homes of the …

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