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Jul 27

4 Smart Tips to Make a Diamond Look Larger

5 Ways to Make a Diamond Look Larger

A diamond is the heart of engagement rings. When you shop for an engagement ring featuring shimmering diamonds, you love to buy a larger size stone to wear an irresistible persona. Surprisingly, every time you are offered ring highlighting larger size diamonds which are not actually, instead they are designed to look bigger, do you …

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Apr 27

What Are Synthetic Diamonds & How They Are Manufactured ?

Diamond is gorgeous, precious and definitely the rarest of rare. Naturally it occurs in small sizes with various impurities and imperfections. These flaws make a diamond inappropriate to be used in jewellery purposes as well as they are also not good for industrial purposes due to  various reasons.

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Jan 08

How to save money on diamond shopping using carat weight trick

save money on diamond shopping using carat weight

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.” ~ Mae West A sparkling diamond can lure anyone to possess the stone but this might cause financial loss too if you don’t know how to buy a diamond smartly. Only few people know that diamonds …

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Dec 23

Traditional or trendy: What is your choice for engagement rings!


Since the 4th century, engagement ring is an emblem of promise, a couple does with an intention to marry. Though the style of engagement rings have changed, but the meaning and the belief are still same. It is said that Roman’s were the pioneer of engagement rings. They used to wear an iron ring in …

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Jun 25

11 Shades Of Blue Gemstones To Sparkling A Divine Presence

Blue is simply great to symbolize divinity in nature. It stands for holiness, the royals and purity of heart and mind, which is why blue gemstones are a favourite of high profile crowd. When is comes to wear blue gemstones, people prefer to shop blue sapphires, blue topaz and tanzanite only, however there are couples …

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Apr 20

11 Interesting Unknown Facts about Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is the first step to start a happy married life. It announces that you are planning for wedding seriously and are keen to exchange marital vows with someone you love. However selecting an engagement ring is not so easy task as deciding for the marriage. Engagement ring carries a beautiful history and …

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Feb 06

Differences between zircon and cubic zirconia gemstones

Zircon the oldest gemstone is the brightest gemstones in the world only second to diamond. Its popular name Zircon resembles with man-made crystal Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ) confusing stone buyers. Both are good diamond simulate (or imitated) stones and are used to substitute diamonds. Only few know that both stones are two distinct …

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