Sapphire — The September Birthstone That Synonyms Good Fortune

Sapphire — The September Birthstone That Synonyms Good FortuneThe deep blue stunning jewel sapphire carries many interesting stories and myths surrounding its mystical blue aura. One of the most desirable gemstones, sapphire (also known as Neelam in Hindi) appears bright twinkling star amidst all gemstones. Its indigo appearance is sure to steal your heart once you decide to watch someone wearing the precious mythical gemstone highly praised by royal dynasties.

Sapphire — The Basics
An ancient Persian belief says that the earth actually rests on an enormous sapphire and that’s reflection gives the sky its blue color. Though the sentence is not appropriate in modern era, it conveys lustrous brilliance of the blue precious jewel.

Sapphire comes from mainly Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, Burma, China, Madagascar, Thailand and Kashmir. Flawless sapphire from Kashmir is regarded as the perfect sapphire due to its sparking brilliance, luster and fire.

Physical Properties of Sapphire
Sapphire belongs to corundum family classified in two distinct categories. Corundum with red color is defined Ruby and the term “sapphire” is used for corundum mineral displaying rest of colors including its famous indigo tint. Though word sapphire is deeply concerned with blue color; sapphire ranges in different colors such as black, blue, brown, colorless, pink, orange, green, peach, purple, violet, white and yellow excluding red because red corundum is named ruby.

Sapphire is considered one of the hardest and toughest substances on the planet. Sapphire is next to diamond on Mohs scale displaying hardness of 9 at Mohs scale with specific gravity of 3.95-4.03. In addition to this, it remains unaffected while used with other chemicals proving itself quite suitable for various purposes including beautifying the mankind. Sapphire is a good insulator of electricity with higher heat conductivity. This quality is exploited in IT industry into making of high-frequency CMOS integrated circuits, processors, radio frequency (RF) applications and satellite communications. The product is also utilized to replace costly gallium nitride (GaN) to reduce over-all cost of germanium used in IT industry.

History of Sapphire
There is no clear clue about sapphire’s introduction to man since ancient religious texts like bible contain enough

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references on blue gemstone describing it one of most sacred gems. If research is to be believed, oldest sapphires were found out in Ceylon in Sri Lanka that is admired till today for the luminosity of blue sapphire’s blue tone.

Blue is regarded as divine color and is favorite of more than 50 percent of world population adding men and women. Thus sapphire had been admired in prominent religions considered as most sacred stone. In Persian belief, sapphire is foundation of earth; in bible, 10 commandants were authored on a sapphire tablet given to Moses. Similarly in India, sapphire is dedicated to astrological planet Saturn.

It enjoyed royal membership of club of imperial gemstones along with diamonds, ruby and emerald throughout human history. Even today sapphire is an essential part of technology advancements as well as gems & jewellery industry.

Synthetic sapphire
First try to manufacture synthetic sapphire was materialized in 1902 by French Chemist Auguste Verneuil using Verneuil Process. Later the method was modified to create high quality flawless sapphire crystals until Czochralski process came into existence. Synthetic sapphires are used in industrial purposes specially in IT industry due to its heat conductivity yet electrical insulating quality.

Zodiac Sign & Healing Properties
Sapphire is birthstone for the month of September. It is also a zodiac gemstone for Taurus zodiac sign. It is believed to be the giver of visions of the future, faith and loyalty to the wearer. The stone is deeply connected to throat chakra thus it is used to balance energy in throat chakra relieving negative thoughts.

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