Rural India Contributes To Online Shopping Growth In India

Online Shopping Goes To Rural Parts Of India

Online Shopping Goes To Rural Parts Of India

Online Shopping is becoming well liked in India these days. In India where the citizens have to depend on metropolitan cities for finding merchandise with best qualities and huge selection, Online shopping offers an enormous, attractive and appealing shopping experience. It provides an 24 hours shopping, which requires no traveling and rich product quality. It has become so simple shopping at the click of a mouse.

The Internet And Mobile Association of India has provided a research about the Internet in rural India. The total number of Internet users in India is projected to rise in by 98% from 12.1 million in December 2010 to 24 million by December 2011. Almost all shopping sites now offer items in discounted price and free shipping for selected items .

There are several shopping websites offering Online shopping such as :

HomeShop 18: which is a venture of the Network 18 group, India’s fastest growing media and entertainment group.

India plaza: with operations in Bangalore, Chennai and Austin is now the world’s largest India centric e-commerce company with over one million online transactions.

Johareez : is an innovative marketplace offering the most fashionable line of fine jewellery, apparel, accessories, arts and handicrafts, health and beauty, gifts and watches in live auctions and fixed price selling strategies as well.

E-bay India: It is the Indian version of the popular online shopping portal world’s online marketplace. It offers used and fresh items with a wide network of international shipping.

Naptol: it has grown to become India’s leading comparison based social shipping portal.

There are many more sites for shopping online, people feel easy to buy stuff online with their debit and credit cards. One can sit anywhere such as at home, cybercafés etc and buy what ever they want. With the growth of supporting network technology and popularity of social media, it is said that internet usage in India will continue to grow.

The current online shoppers base in India is 34.5 million, a good 6.5 million bigger than last year’s figure of 28 million. The balance 78% online shoppers only search for products online and then probably buy them offline. Google is the most used website in India, almost 35% of all online Indians use this website. Yahoo the second most used website, then Gmail, Rediff etc…

It’s hard to believe that India only had 25,000 internet users backin1988. Comparing to the current internet users, the result is simply notable. India has now become a need for all the Indians.

India’s National Per Capita income is US$ 2,880 (Using PPP method), so for a population of 7.72 million work out to be US$22 Billion. So if, only 10% is being spent on the online spend, it still works out to be US$2 Billion.

It seems like serving the rural crowd is the best one to start on.

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