Rise In Silver & Gold Prices: Is It Turning Down The Demand Of Jewelry Items?

Constant Rise In Silver & Gold Price

Constant Rise In Silver & Gold Price

Jewelry products have always fancied our minds and hearts. Whether we talk about the present scenario or the era right back during the reign of kings and queens, jewelry has been an integral part of our lives.

They happen to be the part of some our very precious and cherished moments, they even tend to form the most desired gift one can ever possess or as a matter of fact can even bestow it upon his or her loved ones. Now when we are talking of jewelry, metals like gold and silver make a peculiar place out here. From ages we have been using ornaments crafted out of silver or gold. No wedding ceremony can be fulfilled till the time one doesn’t get to see the spark of silver and the radiance of gold.

However, in the past few years we have witnessed a huge rise in the prices of gold and silver. The constant rises in their prices though have affected the manufacturing industry but their demand is still the same. First it was gold that got mounted on the price hike; the high rise in the prices of gold did give a halt to the production of gold jewelry. If we have a close look at the reports that came from the end of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, then it says that the scale of jewelry exporters have shrunk from 15 per cent to less than 5 per cent in the last six months on the back of spiraling gold prices.

As per GJEPC’s chairman Mr. Rajeev Jain, “Due to rising prices of the yellow metal, to maintain demand in the global market, exporters are absorbing high input cost, which has left them with a wafer thin margin”.

In order to cater the need of customers, manufacturers then took over silver jewelry products and started making jewelry that mostly found its base in silver. The market got flooded with silver jewelry products, though some trade experts believe that the silver metal just can’t match the class of gold but facts say that they have grabbed good response from the jewelry lovers. However, silver too has joined hands with gold and it is also increasing its price every day. Reports say that the cost of silver has jumped almost 60% so far in 2011, following an increase in 2010 of more than 80%. That’s far more than gold has gained this year: 7%, with a 10% gain in the Reuters-Jeffries CRB index, which is made up of 19 commodities.

Despite this constant rise in the price of these precious metals, the hunger for owning them hasn’t seen any downfall. People are still buying jewelry products made in silver and gold irrespective of the rising prices. They are always in the hunt for getting the best of designs made available to them at a price simply within their reach.

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