Refresh your summer look with exciting Bracelets and Bangles!

pretty-bangle-braceletsThat jewellery you can carry with ease at most of your functions and outings are bracelets and bangles. You can keep them for subtle to chic look, depending on what and how big bracelet or bangle you are choosing. You know it very well that when you wear a stunning piece of jewellery, especially in your hands, they do the talking. They draw the glances towards you, as they are most visible one at your body. In fact, it is your hands that bear all the work and assignments at a party. You not only indulge in dancing and food but also in shaking of hands, hugs all around and the constant adjustments and playing around with your hair. So if you have ever neglected this exquisite piece of jewellery thinking they don’t fetch attention than keep this update with you and bring out those bracelets from your jewellery closets to complete your stylish or sophisticated look.

Currently, it’s a trend to wear bracelets with clasps jumbled together and a group of bangles can be a charming accent to your look. When grouping bangles together, the general rule of thumb is to keep it classy and coordinated. Here we discuss how to wear high fashion bracelets and bangles that up the style quotient at every occasion.

Keep the color in mind: Pick colors that directly correspond to your clothing and compliment with your over all look. You can choose any that can be grouped in combination with silver and gold. Choose bright, vibrant colors if going with friends, beach party and other casual events, while decent colors would work better at formal places. You can pick accent bangles or textured bangles or bracelets that will coordinate with the tone of your look.

Wear metal as per the occasion: Bangles and bracelets have individual features to impress, so choose them as per the occasion. Secondly, pair the appropriate metal bangles with your look and event. Opt for gold in wedding and cultural functions, while silver and brass can be worn at both-traditional and western events. Modest accessories generally call for formal life so you can group together two-three metal bangles, solely pairing gold with gold, silver with silver and so on for more demure event.

Don’t wear too much: Unless you are dressing for a dramatic occasion, it would be needless to wear too much bangles or bracelets. Scale your bunch down to no more than a group of 20 bangles which includes no more than 2 accent pieces. A single charm bracelet would be enough to spill the magic in party so don’t pair anything with that.

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