Redefine Fashion with Toe Rings: The Eternal Trend!

At some point of time toe rings were considered as an ornament for married women, but today even single girls love to flaunt them and it has become quite a trend. This piece of jewellery won’t only make your feet look awesomely cute but will also prove that trendsetter is your middle name. Now which girl wouldn’t want to be considered as fashionista, in fact this is the hidden dream of almost every girl. Worn on one of your toes, these toe rings are commonly worn on second or the third toe, and they look amazingly good with flip flops and sandals.

It may interest you that the toe rings has been part of Indian culture since Ramayana days. As history goes, when Sita was abducted by Ravana she threw her toe ring in the way so that it would be easy for Lord Rama to find her. Since then, toe rings have been part of married woman’s jewellery closet. But now the trend is followed by unmarried girls as well, and it ups the style quotient in them when worn one. The toe rings come in different shapes, sizes and designs, and they successfully add glamour to your persona.

Even though they normally come in silver, but going by the trend artisans have also come up with metallic toe rings, as they are not too harsh on college going girls’ pocket. However, when worn the toe rings, the wearer should keep several things in mind so that their style pleases each and everyone.

First of all, make sure that your feet are well-groomed, as hygiene is most important when you are wearing a toe ring. Toe rings will flaunt your feet which are normally hidden hence get the pedicure to make sure that your feet look sexy. This way you will also keep away people from scrutinizing your feet awkwardly. Also keep in mind that you need to wear right kind of footwear with toe rings, as when worn with sneakers or boots, no one would be able to see your remarkable style sense, so go with sandals or flip-flops when you wear one.

In case of any discomfort put the piece off, as you want to wear this piece to flaunt your best, not to end up with blisters and limp around. Hence wear them only if you feel comfortable in one and you don’t face any problems in walking properly with them. Else it is better to let go off this style as there are many others to follow.

Last but not the least, find out whether it is appropriate to wear toe rings at work. We would suggest that you can decide as per your dressing. If you wear proper formals to your office and your job is more of a serious type like marketing and finance, you should avoid toe ring as it is the symbol of casualness. However, if you are into relaxed dressing at work then the toe rings would add spark to your persona.

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