Radiant Orchid: Embrace a new hue this year!

radiant-orchidIt’s time that you bid good bye to 2013’s Color of the Year, Emerald, and move on to much warmer hue Radiant Orchid, which is the Pantone Color of the Year 2014. In no time you are going to find this pinky purple almost everywhere. There is quite a way of picking the color for each year, as Pantone polls graphic, industrial and fashion designers all over the world to know about the color they are looking forward to use in their designs in the coming seasons, and then the Pantone committee looks at the surveys, sales of color swatches and opts for the color of the year, though not before getting the expert industry opinions. From bags, footwear, dresses, coffee makers, jewelry, cushions, cameras, make-up, you can see this color trending everywhere. This hue is vibrant and inviting and that’s the reasons that most people are already attracted to it. And the best of all, it has sufficient warm tones that it looks good on almost every skin type. Here we will be discussing the few jewelry trends which fall under the category of radiant orchid.

Amethyst: A perfect piece of jewelry is what you need to feel ecstatic so here it’s time that you celebrate your passion for purple with the impressive designs of amethyst stone jewelry. You can find amazing designs in earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, everything. These pieces will look elegantly simple and you can pick the designs as per your taste.

Purple tourmaline: This stone again has the hue which is trending. The purple tourmaline gems makes for a magnificent piece of jewelry and nothing is better than those having extraordinary finish. You can really fill your jewelry closet with the jewels accentuated with this gemstone and set a new fashion statement.

Sapphire: Sapphire gemstone definitely makes for a mesmerizing sight. It radiates true elegance and you will be enamored with the jewels accentuating sapphire, especially purple sapphire. They are much in demand where engagement rings are concerned.

Spinel: This makes for one of the most beautiful gems in the world and they are considered best for fine jewelry. So that way you can have as many pieces of this gemstone in earrings, rings, pendants, etc.

These gems will reflect your ravishing persona and keeping your convenience in mind, you can have them in enchanting designs at Johareez.com.

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