Quick tips to organize your jewellery in smart and hassle free ways!

Let’s accept that we all have more pieces of jewellery than clothes and other stuffs. In fact, there is no end of buying new pieces. Each time we visit a new place or the same mall, we couldn’t stop ourself from purchasing one or two jewellery pieces. Yes, this leads us to face problems like, how to arrange them neatly in the already packed wardrobe, how to keep them safe and tarnish-free, how to display them so that they look visibly appealing. Well, girls don’t even think to compromise with jewellery shopping, in fact do it now and without the fear where you will keep them, because we have some smart and practical ways to store all those lovely and beautiful jewellery. Here are DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas for you.

Frame them: This one is quite easy. Take a wooden board, a picture frame and some metallic grid. Paint the board with your favorite color, and glue the frame properly on it. Fix metallic grid to the board, it will not only give a look of artistic painting but you can see what all jewellery you have, easily.

Put them in your wardrobe: Simply divide your single wardrobe into two sections-one for clothes and another for jewellery. You can do that by attaching a rail with some hooks on it, a bit like the ones that you can find in men’s wardrobes to hang their ties, and use it for all your necklaces.

Display them on a statue: Go elegant yet artistic way using a statue or object and hang your necklaces and bracelets to them. They will ornate your shelves and add a touch of color to your statue!

Divide jewellery: Save your all jewellery from tangling each other by dividing them into individual sections. Use plastic boxes in order to divide all your small items like rings and small bracelets from necklaces sets.

Put them inside antique tea sets: For those who love vintage style, antique tea sets are best. Use them to display all your precious jewelry. Isn’t it very cute and bon-ton way of organizing jewellery?

Display them in a photo frame: It could a perfect earrings organizer when take the back of the photo frame off, attach in the middle some metallic wire and the frame is ready to become your ultimate earrings’ holder.

Pile them up: From now on, no more throwing away your glass bottles. The easiest way to store your bracelets (and also recycle) is to pile them up on a cylindrical base, like a bottle. It will save you a lot of space and also be quite decorative!

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