Protect your precious gems and jewellery with some easy to follow rules!

Does it not make you feel special wearing your mother’s antique necklace set or grandma’s gold bracelet? Indeed an adorable feel, right? But, girls have you ever wonder how their jewellery can look so captivating and sparkly even after using it for so many years? Well, it is all due to their right way of using the jewellery and cleaning them occasionally. Mothers are always very particular about their jewellery, not only because they love them all but they know their treasure is going to embellish her daughter or daughter-in-law’s wardrobe one day. They keep their every single accessory shielded, literally.

Here are few tips followed by many generations to protect their jewellery.

A big no to chemicals: First thing you need to follow is wear jewellery right. There are lots of chemicals we apply in our daily routine, some from soaps, gels, dishwashers, detergents and etc. Never use any product while you are wearing precious jewellery. The chemicals can damage the shine and make them looking dull overtime.

Save them from Cosmetics: This is really small rule or tip you can follow easily. Don’t put jewellery before putting on your make-up. Always leave the accessories for the end. Sprays and perfumes can transform the color and shine of your favorite piece, so avoid them getting in contact. Make sure you take off jewellery before going for a swim or to the spa as chlorinated water can harm the originality of the gem too. Wearing jewelry while working in the kitchen or garden is another mistake we often make and end up damaging jewelry.

Keep them in a Velvet Or Cloth Lined Box: The jewellery you wear rarely should be kept in velvet or cloth lined jewellery boxes. You can also use the idea to caste a cursory glance at your jewelry now and then to inspect them for damages and debris because prevention is always better. Ask your grandma where she used to keep her favorite jewellery. Cotton balls would top on her list, for sure.

Cleaning Your Jewellery Occasionally: Improve the life of your jewellery by cleaning them occasionally. But remember the process of cleaning is important. Don’t use regular bathing soap or bleach. There are cleaning solution available in the market or simply make one at home with half a cup of clear ammonia in one cup of lukewarm water. Put your jewelry in the water for ten minutes and wipe clean with a soft cloth. If necessary use a soft brush to remove the dirt. Be gentle to them.

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