Precious Gemstones Trend: Which one will be your pick?

gemstone jewelleryThe days are past when diamonds were considered a woman’s best friend and this is rather the time when stylish precious gemstone jewelry is much in vogue. They are capable of instantly beautifying the metal in which they have been engraved, and are available in different hues. Having clear-cut charm, these precious gemstones look incredibly elegant. As we know that today’s women like to have their own style and with precious gemstones jewelry they are definite to set a statement.

Gemstones like diamond, amethyst, emerald, onyx, pearl, ruby, sapphire, topaz etc, all fall under the category of precious gemstones and are rare to find and considered apt for heirlooms, owing to their beauty. Here we’ll be discussing few of the precious gemstones:

Diamond: This is undoubtedly the costliest gemstone and happens to be the most long-lasting one. In fact, in Greek, the word stands for unbreakable. No other gemstone can meet the beauty of diamond and even though they aren’t the rarest, they’re the most warily controlled. Commonly seen in white, diamonds can also be found in various hues and happens to be the most priced ones.

Emerald: It comes in green and the highly quality ones are the rarest precious stones. Owing to its affluent and radiant green tinge, the emerald stones are the highly prized stone since olden times, and continue to remain the same way even today. They look similar to tourmalines.

Ruby: Found in red hue, this has even surpassed diamonds when it comes to its cost. Rubies are hard in texture and have smooth sheen when faceted. They come in bright fuchsia to a rich maroon tone; however, the ones in deep blood red happen to be the most expensive.

Sapphire: This gemstone can be found in many colors but only two comes across as precious ones, and the well-known one is dark, purple-tinged. Also the natural padparadscha sapphires are most esteemed. Padparadsha stands for lotus flower, and the orange-pink shade of sapphire reminds you of the hue of a newly bloomed lotus.

Talking of the cost, the precious gemstones happens to be expensive than semi-precious ones. Coming to rarity, the natural ones are rarely found, while the lab-created ones can never be measured as rare. Also precious gemstones are hard and they last way longer than the artificial ones. We’re hopeful that the above information with come in handy while selecting the perfect precious gemstone for you.

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