Platinum – A Brief on the Silky, Shiny Lusterous Precious Metal

Gold is rare. It is rarer than a diamond. Even diamond has been synthesized and is produced in labs but gold has not been synthesized. But when it comes to comparison with platinum, gold does not touch glory of the first one which is why, platinum is more rare, precious, durable and lustrous.

White beautiful metal Platinum has emerged as a new favorite choice of youngsters and riches. Its ultimate beauty and shine makes it perfect for every occasion from wedding to anniversaries, birthdays or to celebrate special occasions.

Although platinum is considered as new discovery unearthed before 200 years only, its first reference comes from ancient Egyptians civilization who used white metal to create articrafts before three thousand years. Inca civilization used it just before three thousand years only. In 1780, the first platinum jewellery was introduced to Europe at the court of Louis XVI of France, before then it was used as a metal.

Platinum: Few facts
Platinum is regarded as the finest precious metal on the planet and contains unique qualities that makes it superior than gold and silver.

Platinum is stronger
Platinum is one of the strongest, heaviest and irresistible metal. It remains neutral with most of chemicals thus platinum can be owned for generations. It is heavier than gold. All these qualities make it perfect to wear in jewellery without loss of material in routine life.

Platinum is rare
Gold is rare but platinum is regarded as rarest. According to industry experts, a single ounce platinum is mined only after mining more than 10 tons ore.

Platinum is pure
The traditional yellow metal cannot be used in its purest form nevertheless platinum is suitable to make jewellery or articrafts in its purest form.

Platinum is brilliant
Platinum’s rich white luster differentiates it with other precious metals and makes it suitable to craft jewellery crafting diamonds and other precious jewels and of course they look perfect in comparison of gold and silver.

Platinum Vs. White Gold
There is no metal named white gold but it produced alloying gold with nickel, copper or silver. Interesting white gold is costlier than the traditional yellow gold despite its lower purity because of ignorance of buyers. Sometimes platinum is also considered as white gold which is false. Unlike white gold platinum is a metal rather than an alloy and is used in both industrial and jewellery purposes.

How to buy platinum jewellery
Platinum’s white bright luster perfects it to own by riches. You can also buy it still you should remember these facts.

Usually platinum jewellery is made with 90% or 95% pure platinum. If the metal is 90% pure or marked ‘Iridplat” it contains 90% platinum with 10% iridium, another metal from the platinum group. If it is marked “plat” means the jewellery metal has 95% platinum with 5% ruthenium. So don’t forget to see its mark.

Platinum and White Gold are two metals
There is a misconception that platinum is white gold thus some buyers are fooled by selling white gold instead platinum while they go to buy platinum. As a buyer you should ask clearly observing metal’s purity marks.

Benefits of Platinum Jewellery
It’s ultimate: Platinum’s white bright lustrous shine makes it ultimate among all precious metals proving matchless.

A versatile beauty: Platinum’s versatile gorgeous beauty is irresistible to all and remains there forever.

No maintenance: Platinum is a very low-maintenance metal thus it remains same for years even decades unlike silver jewellery.

It’s silky, shiny and gorgeous: Once you compare platinum, gold and silver, you can differentiate the lusters difference in all of three. Meanwhile its silky polish makes it more beautiful than other precious metals.

A treasure to store forever: Alike gemstones and gold, platinum would not lose its value due to its rarity and qualities. Therefore you can invest on platinum jewellery to store for generations.

Rash-free skin: Platinum is hypoallergenic which means it does not cause allergy. That makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Platinum in industries
Apart jewellery industry, platinum is used heavily in industrial purpose. According to statistics total of the 245 tonnes of platinum sold in 2010. IN which 113 tone metal was used for vehicle emissions control devices, 35.5 tonnes were utilized in minor applications such as investment, electrodes, anticancer drugs, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, etc. and only 76 tones platinum was consumed in Jewellery. Its industrial purposes are:

Catalysis: Platinum remains neutral with most chemicals while excites chemical reaction therefore it is used to catalyze chemical reactions in various industries like the catalytic converter in automobile industry.

Commodity Market: Platinum is a metal enjoying higher value always which makes is suitable enough for investment though its price fluctuation graphs is not stable as much as gold because gold is considered as safe investment.

Other Uses: Platinum is utilized to manufacture medical instruments, dental prostheses, thermocouples, electrical contacts, fine metals and noncorrosive laboratory containers.

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