Pink Diamond: Most Elegant & Elite Diamond!

Among all the jewels and gemstones, diamonds have always been alluring without second thought. This brilliantly beautiful and breathtakingly dazzling most solid formed stone has its own charm in the world of jewellery and thus holds a special attention and place in jewel world. Diamonds are made of strongly bonded atoms and are expert conductor and considered among one of the hardest material. But still diamonds are less solid than graphite. Due to these major properties, diamond is majorly used in polishing and cutting tools like diamonds knives and diamond cells. Besides that diamond has exceptional optical characteristics but its rigid lattice it can be contaminated by many elements like nitrogen and also boron. Diamonds are churned out of Earth by volcano eruptions and a tool named magma.

Originality & purity of diamonds is measured by its colorlessness and flawless designs and polishes. Pure diamonds are always colorless and color diamonds are always exposed to some contaminating elements which distort their look and form and cause some scratches.



Blue colored diamonds are exposed to boron and are contaminated and thus get blue in color. Yellow colored diamonds are after result of exposure of nitrogen and brown colored diamonds are result of lattice defects. Similarly green colored diamonds are result of radiation exposure and there are other colored too like purple, orange and pink diamonds. These all impurities and color changes in diamond are result of some chemical reactions or crystal lattice.

But these impurities and color change never denote that the diamond value is reduced. On the contrary, due to every diamond’s individualistic hue and intensity qualities, value of these diamonds sometime tends to trigger up.

The contamination of diamonds can be divided into two types. The first type comes with the destruction or distortion due to nitrogen atoms at the concentration of 0.1% of natural diamonds. These aftereffects and color change in diamonds reflect in blue pink and rarely seen red diamonds. The second type of contamination has very few particles of nitrogen but unlike first type of distortion these diamonds have fluorescence capabilities

Though there are many alternatives of pink diamonds like rubies and sapphires but nothing can emit that pink pleasure like this pink diamonds showcases.



Hope diamond series come in rich hues of blue and pink and this color contortion makes them no less desirable in diamond demand. The demand and desirability of these lush pink feminine diamonds reflect from the far corner of Hollywood where actress Vivia Fox’s pink diamond studded dress grabbed many eyeballs. Similarly Jennifer Lopez can be spotted anywhere proudly sporting her pink diamond engagement ring. David Backham also gifted this precious pink diamond to his wife Victoria Backham. This is not it, there are many less desirable and admired colors of diamonds which are lavender and carrot. But pink diamonds has always proved to be empirically royal and lush symbol and has thus been priced same. Pink diamonds have always been doting darling of those jewel and diamond lovers who look for elegance, royal touch with empirical sophistication with feminine flair.

To sum it up, pink diamond is the major add on in the trail of other preciously and brilliantly beautiful diamond and always stands as synonym for passion, pleasure and pride with sky touching prices. No wonder it is considered one of the most lush and plush diamond stone in diamond world.

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