Pick your look for March; look ravishing from head-to-toe!

fashion-marchMarch is not far away! This is the month when you must be at your fashion-best. So here let’s decode the trends which you must be all ready to rock through the month. Today we’ll be discussing the head-to-toe looks which will work best for you. You can pick your look as per your personality or can also mix and match these trends. All needed is to pick the right outfit, right jewelry, right accessories and right footwear. Once you have these in place, nothing can stop you from revealing the ravishing side of yours.

Starting with the apparel let the bold prints enter your closet. Everything from bright floral, geometric designs, paisley patterns are best to wear to turn heads in your direction. They work well with stand out shoe. If you are going for floral bottom, pair it up with a simpler top, to avoid the busy look. Or else you can go with a dress with bold prints for the night look, and keep it simple with the accessories. Beaded jewelry in various hues goes well with this style, and it will give perfect finish to your look. So keep it chic yet simple with beaded jewelry, in the form of necklace, bracelets, earrings, etc. Best if you wear one at a time, as the pattern of the clothes needs to have the most attention here.

Gone are the days when coats were considered apt only for Fall season, as today you can carry one at all times, yes, even in summers. In fact, nothing else can add a zing to your outfit than a jacket in vibrant color, like rouge, blue, etc. Here one needs to pick a sharp silhouette and then make the look work by sporting a jacket with printed bottoms. Add a big, bold necklace and you can either wear it with sneakers or high heels, whatever you prefer, or what the occasion demands. It would be advised to wear the necklace in earthy tones, as the color of your blazer is already bright. Hence, the jewelry in earthy colors, like brown, green, grays, etc, will perfectly tone down the look a bit.

With jewelry, you can easily make even a simplest look work, so make sure that you take a cue from the previous articles which tell about the ideal jewelry pieces for this spring season!

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