Paper Silver vs. Physical Silver: Why physical silver is good ?

In present economical scenario, nobody can predict next movements. Even it is hard to evaluate current and the forthcoming flaws in order to secure investment. Daily we hear about newly bankrupted companies, fluctuating stock prices and sometimes few suicide attempts too. But the coin has bright side too as the trend of investing in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum is eager to touch new heights.

Although investing in precious metals is comparatively safe than any other stock but it has its own pros & cons due to newly invented ways to buy yellow and white metals. In this post we will discuss assuming silver as ideal metal to invest because it is less costly, safe with high rate of returns nevertheless you can consider all these tips to buy gold, platinum and gemstones equally.

Paper silver & physical silver
We can differentiate silver investment in two categories known as paper silver and physical silver (aka real silver or hard silver). When you purchase silver in stock market, bullion or in paper certificates, it is defined as paper silver because you don’t have silver physically instead you buy-sell it in papers. In case, you buy hard silver metal as silver bars, jewelry and antiques, it is termed as physical silver as you keep the metal with you. Both investments are completely different with one another and carries their own risks though physical silver is more convenient to cash your investment in profits whenever you need. Let’s read, why?

  1. Default risks of stocks: Paper silver which relies on fluctuating prices, can leave you with nothing if market crashes, meanwhile you can’t claim for insurance alike you can buy insurance for hard silver.
  2. Bankruptcy risk: Company bankruptcy is another dangerous factor to make frighten you, if company goes to bankruptcy or fails to perform good in market, you will have nothing as return of investment in paper silver. But physical silver supports you in every financial crisis because you can sell,
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    mortgage or utilize it to secure your financial future.

  3. Market risk: Have you even think what would happen if country is surrendered to riots, war or natural disasters, obviously your paper silver will have no value in terms of money leaving you regretting on your decisions to buy paper silver.
  4. Unnecessary taxation: When you buy paper silver you have to pay applied taxes and levies despite it’s not real but you can owned real silver anonymously saving your money paid into government taxes.
  5. Storage fee: What if you are asked to pay storage fee for something that does not exist in real. This happens in paper silver spending your hard earned money.
  6. Portability: You can’t give/ gift or donate paper silver without completing applicable process. This becomes more complicated when you want to exchange internationally. Does your physical silver have the same risk, nope? You can give/ share/ donate/ exchange or sell to anybody with no formalities.
  7. Gambling risk: Investing in future is pure gambling which can grab your hard earned money any time, whether it is market risks, war, environmental and natural disasters or anything else.

In the last, paper silver is a promise to give white metal whereas real silver is hard cash. Paper can be lost, damaged ruining investor’s futuristic expectations so it would be better to buy real cash rather than papers to shield your money.

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