Online Shopping Go Upto 2800 Crore In Festive Shopping Season In India

Online Shopping To Go Upto 2800 Crore In Festive Shopping Season In India

Online Shopping To Go Upto 2800 Crore In Festive Shopping Season In India

Talk about buying genuine and reasonable stuff, one would always prefer to buy it at his leisure. Online shopping is a great way to buy the desirable products without any hassle of going out to the market specially to purchase one thing. It has made it easier for the consumers to understand the products and compare them with the others and then make up their mind to buy something.

Recently a research was held by ASSOCHAM about the e-shopping and the results portrayed that there is a massive increase in online shopping and would increase more this festive season. The online shopping may go upto 2800cr this festive season as the consumer demands are increasing and websites are becoming great fascination for the people sitting at home who like to get the product delivered at their doorstep. The sale of electronic products and jewellery is touching the skies on these websites as they are much demanded by the consumers.

In 2010 the e-shopping sector stood by 2000cr, and the increase seen this year is tremendous. As per the estimate of the chamber the online sales are going to rise by 20 to 30 percent this festival.

The major attractions for the consumers in online shopping are gadgets and electronics including phones, tablets. Gift articles, apparel and ornaments are also making a huge turnover with the online sales.

Online shopping is a convenient way of shopping as it gives all the details about each product to the consumers along with the pictures, which makes it easier for the consumer to select the best for himself and order it. It is even better because the consumer does not have to go somewhere to purchase the he gets it delivered at his doorstep. This service makes it easier for a person to buy any product he desire.

Furthermore, e shopping is even more desirable because the consumers get various discounts on the products, free gifts are available with the products during the festive season, the prices as compared to the showroom price is less and a detailed account of the features and specifications of the product are given which attracts large number of consumers.

Once a person purchases a product and likes the quality of it, and is happy with the service of the website, a trust automatically develops and more orders are made in the future. This means once a person gets a product for himself from online shopping, it arouses an eagerness in him to try something else from the e-shopping. This ways they become regular customers of the online shopping website.

Online shopping is also witnessing an increase because of the 24 hour service they provide. A person can even shop late at night or early in the morning, there is no time constraint. The other thing is that the consumer has to do no hard work for purchasing the product as he gets it right in his hand at home. The cash on delivery mode of making payment has made online shopping easier for those who always had to cancel the order when they reached the payment mode, during the earlier times as many did not have credit cards to make payments. Now the people can have full trust that their product will be delivered and pay the money when they receive it. Even more, people who do not have access to internet banking can also get their products with this easy mode of payment.

“Online shopping has seen a phenomenal rise in the country and will continue to do so given the great potential and huge segment of the population,” said ASSOCHAM.

The rise in online shopping is not restricted to the metro cities alone, as people from other cities like Dehradun, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahemedabad also buy articles from these websites. There is a huge expansion of e-shopping and people all over the country are preferring it rather that going out to the store or a mall specially to buy a product.

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