Online is considered a best & easiest way to shopping jewellery!

These days online shopping is considered as one of the easiest, quickest and comfortable way to shop. Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the Internet. It is a form of electronic commerce. It’s a shift from real time market to digital market.

Almost all the businesses today are done over internet and anything which is not there is meant to be wiped off. By this only it can be determined that Ecommerce has brought down political and physical barriers giving everyone in the world an equal playing ground for their market, everyone can put their products on sale through the e-stores or virtual store. Online shopping sites gives a wide range of products and more stuffs to choose based on ones needs.



It always has the advantage of “PRICE”, many of the products will be discounted to a cheaper price. Even customers are provided with online coupons, gift certificates, promotional codes based on special offers through which a considerable amount can be knocked off. One of the major advantages of online shops is that they provide complete information about the products such as – features, product description, sizes, models, colors, prices and many more details, customer reviews and ratings and the best part is they are open 24/7 and one can shop at their convenience.

It’s the business which has evolved over the years and has the potential to grow remarkably in the years to come in India. Day by day its demand is increasing as the ease which it provides is really amazing. Although most of the surveys in the past have showed that the process has been quite slow in India as compared to others countries and is unsuccessful in gathering much strength with the Indian users. But the trend is changing now and a good number of savvy online users are purchasing commodities digitally.



Online retailers are earning quite good profit and like the graph of its trend is increasing continuously, they are offering pretty good services to lure more customers and also to aware them. Like they are enhancing their product offerings, adding in-store pickup and offering free shipping. They’re even using several social media platforms to improve online sales. All this mixture of better services is continuously increasing the situation of on line shopping in India.

Basically e commerce is useful in those areas where a brand does not have a physical presence. It also assists retailers to develop a strong base of loyal customers.



This shows only increasing trend of E commerce in India. As per a report consumers spend considerable amount of time researching about goods before making purchases. Of course, users are careful about shopping online but a number of them are coming back thanks to tremendous discounts & deals retailers’ offer online clients. There are several other benefits of online shopping as well, like you don’t need to have a company while placing an online order. So we’re sure that this would be most favorable option for all the introverts out there, as they can shop at anytime of the day without asking someone for guidance.

What comes as best benefit of online shopping is that nowadays most shopping sites offer ‘cash on delivery’ service, and some even offer the facility of checking your products before you make the payment. Now what more a shopaholic can ask for? In fact, if you are dissatisfied even after paying for the item, you can always go for product replacement or can ask for money refund. Isn’t this exciting? Well, of course this is, and that’s the reason that online shopping has become a rage today. With people getting busier and busier, the several comfortable options are also coming up. Not just clothing, electronics, but shopping jewellery online has too set a trend nowadays. There are many big names in the online jewellery market such as Bluestone, Caratlane and also.

A study shows the trend in Indian Online Shopping in near future:



Minimum eight out of ten Indian consumers will do online shopping in next one year. Almost more than that a quarter consumers revealed that they spend 11% of their monthly shopping expenditure on procurements online. When the matter of recommendation arise, 71 percent trust their family, 64 percent friends to make online purchase and 29 percent review online products.

Almost 60 percent and above Indians believe social media sites which helps them in online purchasing to help them make online purchase decisions. In the field of Electronics, software and automobiles, a large number of users depend upon online reviews and opinions. The above study shows that in upcoming years, the users would love to be called as online users and ideally shop from websites that allow them to select products from many different valuable stores.

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