Must-have jewellery essentials of all time and tips on how to style them!

No matter how frequently jewellery trends keep on changing or modifying, there are some most time-tested and popular jewellery pieces every woman keeps in her wardrobe. Here you can read about which those are and also get tips on how to style them for various occasions with different clothes.

Diamonds for every Celebration: Yes, this is why diamond jewellery is called every girl’s best friend. They have drop-dead gorgeous features which can lift anything you have in your wardrobe, literally. Of all the fabulous must-have jewelry pieces out there, diamonds are probably the most timeless, and give you the greatest return on your investment. There are few items you can consider like-diamond studs, diamond bracelet, and diamond ring. Studs basic feature, wear them with everything, make them apt choice to go with anywhere. A pair of diamond studs will always look elegant and sophisticated be it paired with jeans or a tee, LBD or a ball gown and anything you dressed up or down. Choose a classic round or princess cut for the most enduring style. Diamond bracelet has the same feature like studs- you can wear it with your casual clothing or most expensive couture.

Sleek and Slim Necklaces or pendants: There are days when you want to jazz up your look, but not with those funky and oversized accessories that usually live in vogue for a while but goes back to curtain very abruptly. No wonder, there are option like omega necklaces, layered plain chains and pendants which are sleek and slim, yet perfect to create an eclectic mix. They are also the perfect answer if you want to travel light and only take one accessory. Choose a classic style necklace if you really want something lightweight that will never go out of style. Sleek necklaces always blend right in with whatever you are wearing and add a subtle glow. Such accessory also looks stunning when peeking-out from the collar of a crisp shirt, and is an excellent way to display your favorite pendants. You can also flaunt your flair of style wearing them under a shirt collar and paired with a crisp jacket, skinny jeans, and a pair of boots.

The Cocktail Ring: the bolder, the better; Traveled everywhere in world, from runways to red carpets, cocktail ring still have a moment in the sun. They have become dearest to all fashionista and are an easy way to add a bit of punch and whimsy to a look. It is clear that the bolder you wear the better attention you will receive. Feel free to try an oversized pure metal dome ring in silver or gold. There are many option for every need- casual to formal, edgy to artistic look. Get that oh-so stylish look for an evening out with an oversized gemstone or cluster ring. would be your desired destination for trendy jewellery! Visit today!

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