Monochrome trend: Keep it simple and classy with black and white!

monochrome-accessoriesMonochrome is a fashion which everyone is wearing. In fact, it is the key fashion trend this season. These black and white statement pieces are available at fashion stores in the form of dresses, footwear, tops, coats, jewelry pieces, etc. It’s a fashion favorite which keeps coming back, and as spring/summer 2014 is here, the monochrome shades are also back with a bang. You would be seeing this high-street fashion on every fashion-conscious woman, who will rock this look in a modern way into their spring wardrobe!

This is one trend which can be pulled off in whatever season; however, you will find an update in the trend with every changing year. With monochrome, you can attain pure sophistication and also cute chic look, all depending on what kind of accessories and makeup you choose to go with. With monochrome, it is advised to keep the look minimal and not experiment too much. This way you can avoid Over The Top (OTT) look. Easy to pull off, the look is quite versatile and all you need to do is pick up anything in black and white color from your closet, and carry the look.

With monochrome, the key is to keep it simple. So when it comes to jewelry, you need to keep it neat and classy. Make sure that you don’t end up wearing all your jewelry pieces together, as here the idea is to let the black and white shades shine. For professional look, adorn fashion rings in black and white hue, or the ones in striped pattern. It could be enamel one or even the combination of white and black cubic zirconia. Dangling monochrome earrings can be worn to create a simple and beautiful look. These will draw attention to your face, which will gleam with glow. Stud earrings are also easy to wear and have dainty appeal.

Also when you are going top-to-toe in this trend, then do add a pop of color with some bright jewelry pieces, as that way you can balance out the look. Even celebrities have been bitten by monochrome bug, as from Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Emma Stone and others have sported this trend at one platform or the other. You can have them as inspiration or create your own look with black and white ensemble; choice is all yours!

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