Men’s Jewellery Trend: Look your stylish best this season!

Jewellery is a term which is synonymous to women, and there won’t be any denying that most jewellery designers have women as their inspiration while designing a classy piece. However, as we all know that trends keep on changing every season, and now it can be said that men’s jewellery has also become quite a trend and most people are adapting it as well. Earlier, the average men had conservative approach towards jewellery and they rather preferred to opt for a classy watches, rings, and wedding band, lest they were married. However, those days have now passed, and in the recent past we came across men who are literally buying into the vogue and appreciating the jewellery pieces. However, unlike women’s jewellery, where we get to see variety of earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets, anklets, toe rings, and many more, the range is restrictive when the other gender is concerned. After all we can’t expect men to look like a jewellery shop. The most common jewellery pieces we can see men carryin
g are bracelets, rings, chains, cufflinks and ear studs; as with them, ‘less is more’ funda always works.

Also, it is must for them to choose their jewellery keeping the occasion in mind, whether it is a casual event or formal one. Hence, they can accessorize accordingly. After all, you must know that one has to dress up differently keeping the occasion in mind. So here let’s discuss the few jewellery trends common among men.

Earrings: Some time back we saw one-ear piercing trend was quite popular among men, though, now the situation is not the same, as modern chaps are getting both their ears pierced and they are opting for diamond studs. However, since most prefer large stones, so cubic zirconium options are also considered fashionable. Still, if gleaming stone is not what you prefer, then evergreen silver, stainless steel is proving out to be quite a trend among youth.

Rings: The days are gone when the only ring men were allowed to don was a wedding band. Days are changing and so is style. Today, the fashion rings are quite popular among the males, and they actually like the opportunity to accessories their hands. Also, like wedding rings, there are no set rules for fashion rings as on which finger they should be worn. However, the key to wear a ring in a right way is to not wear multiple pieces on both hands, as when men are concerned, simplicity is the rule. Though diamond exudes class, you can also go for smart mannish minerals such as Onyx, Turquoise, or Amber accentuated in silver.

Bracelets: This is undoubtedly the most popular accessory among men. Gone are the days when gold chain link style was considered perfect for males, as today, bracelets are being set in materials like steel, silver, and leather. Layering bracelet trend can also work with men.

So, here we discussed in depth about various jewellery trends among men, and now according to your taste and preference you can choose for yourself. Meanwhile, you can find various designs for men’s rings at

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