Medicinal Benefits of Precious Metal Jewellery & Gemstones

It’s a universal fact that jewellery pampers your beauty. But only few know that it has health benefits too. Interestingly Ayurveda, an Indian medicinal branch states more about the health benefits of precious metals, gemstones and jewellery and suggests medicinal uses for various physical ailments. Let’s read what these health benefits of metal jewelleries and gemstones are.

Improves blood circulation
Indians are known due to their irresistible attraction for the yellow metal gold whereas gold is recognized to cure blood circulations diseases. Ayurveda says that wearing gold regularize human blood circulation helping to overcome from diseases like blood pressure, migraine, heart diseases etc.

Connects with the natural static current
When you wear metal jewellery it connects you with the environmental current producing a powerful magnetic aura surrounding your appearance that’s why girls look more attractive after they put on metal jewellery. But this is not the only reason precious metals create invisible communication with the environmental electricity to control flow of energy in the human body.

Improves body resistance and immune power
Silver contains anti-bacterial properties. It is also recognised to improve immunity resistance power of human body dramatically. In addition to this, swarn bhasm (gold ash) is believed to cure internal weakness and sexual disease. Both metals also improve fertility and sexual power in both of the sexes.

Relieves pain
Every metal consists less or more magnetic energy. This magnetic energy helps to attract external energy which relieves body ache, reduces inflammation stimulating body’s natural healing power. Wearing metal jewellery (especially made of gold, silver & titanium) heals faster than any other medicine.

Ingredients in medicines
Gold, silver, iron, etc. are major ingredients in many medicines to cure physical weakness and blood circulatory diseases. Besides metals, gemstones like coral, pearl, diamonds are used in making of gem tinctures. Gem tinctures are prepared soaking gemstones in 50% to 100% alcohol solution. The duration of soaking time depends on the gemstones and medicinal purpose of the gem tincture for example diamond, sapphire and rubies are soaked for one month, opaque, pearl, coral and other soft stones are soaked for a week or fortnight, etc.


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these, gems are burnt into ash to create a highly efficient treatment for diseases. These gems ashes can be used alone or with other medicines.

In planetary therapy for health problems
Every gemstone and metal represents a certain element from five elements in the natures namely – earth, water, fire, air and ether. When the balancing of these elements in the body begins to reflect unbalancing, astrologers suggest to wear related gem in a particular metal to balance the lack of an element.

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