Master the art of mixing and matching your jewelry pieces!

Fashion trends allow us to look fresh and up-to-the-minute always. However, the thing with trends is that they keep on changing. Every season new fashion statements enter and old ones bid adieu. But even you must have noticed that jewelry never really goes out of style. It is always there and is here to stay. It gives a whole new look to your outfit and the thing with jewelry is that it can either make or ruin your look, so in that case one should really be careful while accessorizing.

Speaking of styling with jewelry, you must keep in mind the colors, shapes and textures of the attire you are planning to wear and then opt for the pieces accordingly. If you succeed in choosing the right jewelry piece then you by all means are bound to shine. Even a single piece of jewelry can do wonders to your outfit and fetch you eyeballs. There are a lot of jewelry styles to choose from today. You can go for either costume or glittery jewelry, just anything as per your taste. But the best remains to be mixing and matching. Take care of few basics while going for mix and match.

To start with, make sure that the jewelry pieces you are selecting for one look complements each other. It must not look as if you’re trying too hard. You need the jewelry to go well with your outfit. For instance if you are planning to wear your little black dress at a college party, then accessorize your look by opting for red or purple color pieces. These colors really go well together. Layering also comes as a great idea and you can apply it by mixing big and bold jewellery pieces with simple and sleek pieces in muted tones.

Keep it less and simple by wearing a fashion necklace with plain rings as this way they won’t clash for attention and will lend you with subdued look. Also never wear too sparkling jewelry with already flashy outfit, as it would make for over-the-top look. It also works to choose jewelry as per your body type. Full-figured women look good with bigger accessories, while petite ones should stay away from it, as they would take the attention away from your best features. Following these steps, you can also master the art of mixing and matching. So do give it a try!

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